Sunday, 1 November 2015

October Round Up

I felt as though I didn't have a productive month as there were many things I wanted to do and did not get around to doing, but looking back I have made some personal achievements, and it is time I focused on the good things. Too often I think, "I don't practise drawing enough", "I don't wear lolita enough" and mostly "I wish I didn't have a headache/migraine/lack of energy/pain". It's strange really because apart from my health issues, the things I beat myself up about are the things that I take the most joy in and are important to me – art and lolita. Although I lament not drawing every day, I did more sketching than usual, and I completed an illustration for a the Regalia contest winner. I planned out and wore my Halloween coord, even if my event didn't go to plan (I had to cancel it as most people couldn't make it), but I made the most of Halloween anyway by enjoying pizza and classic movies with my best friends. I finished a corset-vest sewing project that I had been working on for a long time, and I went to the Alexander Palace Knitting and Stitching Show in London, where I stocked up on pretty fabrics and got a lot of inspiration for new projects. I also finally got around to writing two long blog posts that I had wanted to do. So thinking about all of that, I feel a lot better about things and positive that I can be even more productive in November. Here are my favourite finds from October, including coords, shopping and new releases – enjoy!

My favourite releases from October:

Baby the Stars Shine Bright x Sentimental Circus Collab. I love the phases of the moon and stars in this print, but I'm not so keen on the bodice. It's a shame they didn't release a skirt!

From Physical Drop. I am beginning to really appreciate solid OPs with interest created by different fabric textures, and slowly preferring them to prints.

That being said, I find this simple Musical Orchestra print skirt by Innocent World very charming, and I really like how it is paired with the underbust corset vest here.

Juliette et Justine's Haniel dress features a beautiful doll and flowers.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright released their wedding dress collection, made to order at a very high price point. You can view the whole collection on their website.


Dear Celine Jacket in Grey, Black, Red, Navy and Brown. I am sorely tempted, but as I have just bought my first brand coat (Mary Magdalene from Closet Child), I'll have to pass this one up. Ciciwork launched a new taobao shop, Cutie Creator, which features some really cute Witch hats and other Halloween accessories. Finally, La Pomme released an adorable nautical jacket and skirt set, or "navy wind suit". If I wasn't saving for another dress, I know I would have bought this!


Q-Pot and Baby the Stars Shine Bright Mooks both offered bags this month. Q-Pot's Mook had a doughnut tote, while Baby's had a cute overnight bag with the print from Mon Petit Chou Chou. I bought this one and it turned up very quickly, and was good quality for the price. I plan to use it as a small overnight bag. You can still find them at Amazon Japan.

High Street Finds

While it can be hard to find loliable clothing in the UK, I'm always looking out on the high street for items that can work with classic lolita. 

River Island have platform Mary Janes in, and I bought these Lace Up Boots from New Look as they worked perfectly with my Halloween coord. I also think you can't go wrong with a pair of classic Brogues (these ones are from Pull&Bear). I recently discovered Skinny Dip, a brand that produces pretty novelty bags such as this Seashell Bag, which would be perfect with Dream Marine or another sea-themed print (Under the Sea is coming up next year after all). It's also available in gold and copper, and the only thing stopping me from buying one is the fact I don't own any marine or sailor dresses. Aldo also have some cute bags such as this Paris Book Clutch and Cookie Crossbody (both now reduced in the Asos sale). The current 70s trend means there are a few pretty lace / embroidered blouses around right now. I love these blouses from Lily J: Embroidered Blouse and Victorian Blouse, while the Lace Blouse from Primark may need some alterations to it such as closing up the v-neck.


Some of my favourite coords from October, from the following blogs:
(and an otome kei coord)


If you follow Misako Aoki's blog, (and you should, her daily outfits are inspiring!) you'll see that she is very creative with her hairstyles. I've picked three from this month that I really like and want to have a go at recreating.

Inspiration and tutorials

I haven't tried decorative icing, but these sweet teapot cookies would be perfect at a meet up! The tutorial is from Craftsy. I really like these crochet clothes hangers from Yvestown, and I think they would look beautiful in a lolita wardrobe. The unicorn and duck ornaments are very cute and perfect for room decor, or they could be made into kawaii brooches. The pattern is in the latest issue (59) of Mollie Makes magazine. The spooky carousel is a print out model available from, and takes around 3 hours to make, but it is functional and moves! It would also make nice room decor. Attitude Lolita shows us how to make a pillbox hat on YouTube. There are no patterns or directions for the flower crown from Vanilla Bear, bat cape (source unknown), or strawberry hat from My Lolita Handmade, but I couldn't resist sharing them with you as they make great inspiration for projects.


And to finish off, here are some great articles from around the blogosphere to read:

I hope you enjoyed this post!

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