Sunday, 1 November 2015


For Halloween, I didn't dress spooky but wore my handmade Alexandra Henry x Ghastlies cat skirt and my new Cherie Cerise cutsew. I went for a vintage/retro black/grey/white theme.

October Round Up

I felt as though I didn't have a productive month as there were many things I wanted to do and did not get around to doing, but looking back I have made some personal achievements, and it is time I focused on the good things. Too often I think, "I don't practise drawing enough", "I don't wear lolita enough" and mostly "I wish I didn't have a headache/migraine/lack of energy/pain". It's strange really because apart from my health issues, the things I beat myself up about are the things that I take the most joy in and are important to me – art and lolita. Although I lament not drawing every day, I did more sketching than usual, and I completed an illustration for a the Regalia contest winner. I planned out and wore my Halloween coord, even if my event didn't go to plan (I had to cancel it as most people couldn't make it), but I made the most of Halloween anyway by enjoying pizza and classic movies with my best friends. I finished a corset-vest sewing project that I had been working on for a long time, and I went to the Alexander Palace Knitting and Stitching Show in London, where I stocked up on pretty fabrics and got a lot of inspiration for new projects. I also finally got around to writing two long blog posts that I had wanted to do. So thinking about all of that, I feel a lot better about things and positive that I can be even more productive in November. Here are my favourite finds from October, including coords, shopping and new releases – enjoy!

My favourite releases from October:

Baby the Stars Shine Bright x Sentimental Circus Collab. I love the phases of the moon and stars in this print, but I'm not so keen on the bodice. It's a shame they didn't release a skirt!