Sunday, 20 March 2016

Chocochip Cookie Lolita Bag and Lolita Bow Corsage Tutorial

Gothic & Lolita Bible 58* has a super cute pattern for a lolita bag by Chocochip Cookie, and I had to make one for myself. As the instructions are all in Japanese, I thought it might be helpful to post a walkthrough for this pattern. I followed the colours in the photo but of course you can choose your own to match different coords. You can also swap the flowers for other decorations, or leave the bows plain. The corsages also make great accessories on their own. I would love to see what you create, so please leave a link in the comments if you decide to make one.

You will need:
  • Pink cuddle plush fabric (otherwise known as minky) 50x30cm
  • Cotton fabric for lining 50cmx30cm
  • Ribbon A – Pink or cream satin ribbon (2.4cm wide) 12cm
  • Ribbon B – Cream satin ribbon (1.5cm wide) 50cm
  • Metal O rings x 2
  • Leather bag strap – I got mine cheaply on eBay
For the flower corsages:

  • Ribbon C – Blue satin ribbon (3.6cm wide) x 60cm
  • Ribbon D – Pink satin ribbon (3.6cm wide) x 30cm
  • Cream torchon/cotton ladder lace (3.6cm wide) x 69cm
  • Ribbon E – Lavender satin ribbon (0.5cm wide) x 69cm
  • Ribbon F – Pink or cream ribbon (2.4cm wide) x 30cm
  • Brooch pin x 3
  • Pink artificial flowers x 6

How to sew the lolita bag

Step 1
Cut the fabric out using the pattern template. You will need two from the minky, and two from the lining fabric. Zigzag stitch along the edges indicated. Note: I used a quilting foot to help manage the thickness and stretch of the fabric. When working with this fabric, it is important to use a lot of pins, to stop it from sliding around.

Step 2
Right sides together, sew the two minky pieces. Repeat for the lining, but leave a 5cm gap at the bottom. Clip and trim seams.

Step 3
Cut Ribbon A into two lots of 6cm. Pass an O ring over the ribbon, and pin to the top of the minky bag, on the right side, at the seam (the center of the ribbon should be on top of the seam). Repeat on the opposite side. Tack in place.

Step 4
Cut Ribbon B into two lots of 25cm. Tack each piece to the top of the minky bag, on the right side, at one at center front and center back.

Step 5
Turn the lining right side out. Place inside the minky bag, and pin along the tops, so that the right side of the minky bag is facing the right side of the lining, taking care to keep all ribbons inside. Sew together.

Step 6
Turn the bag right side out, by pulling everything gently through the gap you left in the lining. Hand stitch this opening closed.

Step 7
Sew the long ribbons into a bow and attach the bag strap.

To make the corsages:

Step 1
Cut ribbon C into two lots of 30cm. Leave ribbon D as one piece of 30cm. Thread ribbon E through the ladder lace. Then cut the ladder lace into three lots of 23cm. You should now have a total of six pieces. Take one of these pieces, and sew into a loop by overlapping the ends by 1cm and sewing down the middle. Do this for each piece.

Step 2
Fold a lace piece flat, and place halfway over a flat ribbon piece, then sew down the middle where they join. Remember to fold it so the seams are at the center back.

Step 3
Cut ribbon F into three lots of 10cm. Concertina fold your ribbon/lace piece, and wrap ribbon F around it, then sew ribbon F together at the back. This can be quite fiddly so take your time. Repeat for the other two bows.

Step 4
Take two of your artificial flowers, and sew or glue to the center of the bow. I found a glue gun to be the most practical and sturdy method. Repeat for the other two bows.

Step 5
Sew a brooch pin to each bow, and pin all three to the bag.

*I am in no way affiliated with the Gothic & Lolita Bible, and it is entirely possible that some errors may have occurred. Please support the editorial team at G&LB by buying the issue for yourself


  1. Love this. Love the attention to detail with the O rings and clips. I have so many of these that I've cut off broken bags. I really must get on with some bag making. Where did you purchase 'minky' fabric from? It looks like furry roses!

    1. Thank you! It's from plush addict, they have a great selection and wonderful customer service.

  2. The bag is super cute. I love the layering for the decoration with different colors of ribbon and the flowers!!