Saturday, 15 April 2017

Sewing Pattern Inspiration: Lazy Oaf

All designs, images and border from Lazy Oaf
Lazy Oaf is a London based fashion label featuring bold colours and graphic prints. Established in 2001, their styles have a rebellious yet adorable feeling to them. I first heard about them in 2009, when my uni flatmate was really into their styling. We used to browse the website for hours, not being able to afford any of it as students but wishing we could! After graduating, the brand faded from my mind as I was more into Japanese fashion labels. Recently, I noticed many of my friends and instagram heroes rocking Lazy Oaf looks and staging photoshoots in the London store, which I'm looking forward to see for myself when I'm next in the city!

Lazy Oaf's style manages to be both casual and neat, giving off vibes of effortless chic while keeping the wearer comfortable. Their photos and styling shows someone who isn't afraid to speak their mind, make weird jokes, but who also likes to be left alone to do their own thing. I can see why they have such a loyal fanbase with this aesthetic. 

The overall silhouette is loose, flattering, with interesting shapes. I was inspired to look for sewing pattern inspiration to achieve a similar look in terms of fitting. My aim isn't to copy any pieces or ideas, but to make some wearable pieces that have these silhouettes.

Sewing patterns using similar silhouettes
Sewing patterns, clockwise from top left: Cali Faye Collection Gardenia Dress; Cocowawa Crafts Lily Dress; Seamwork Jane T-Shirt; Yoshiko Tsukiori Stylish Dress Book; Vogue A-Line Dress; Cocowawa Crafts Lily Top; Named Ronja Dungarees; Wear Lemonade Fiona Dungarees; Burda Style Trousers.

I hope this helps to inspire your makes! Do you like Lazy Oaf, or do you prefer other fashion styles? I'd love to hear your thoughts.


  1. Well, you already know I love Lazy Oaf XD

    It's a brand I came across a little while ago, too, but ended up getting distracted by Japanese clothing and dedicating my life to lolita, lol. When I wanted to get in touch with my own personal style outside of the guidelines of lolita, I think I was attracted to Lazy Oaf's comfy look, and the way so many of their pieces manage to be casual and yet create these very statement looks. Who knew you could be so dressed down and yet put-together!? I think it's that contrast in particular that draws me to the brand.

    I really like this pattern collection you've curated!

  2. I very lake company "O love Lazy Oaf, but in Poland this firm is more expensive than other coutry od Europea.

  3. I adore Lazy Oaf and their playful sense of humor. Inspired to try out a couple of those patterns. I haven't bought anything from LO mostly because I look at the cut of the pieces and keep thinking, I can do that.