Monday, 20 July 2015

Artist Spotlight: Minori

Minori with the Hydrangeas

Today I'm talking about an artists that I'm sure a lot of you are already familiar with – Japanese illustrator and Shironuri style icon Minori.

Minori is mostly known as a style icon in Harajuku, Tokyo, for her take on the "Shironuri" (painted in white) style consisting of floaty, layered outfits inspired by nature. With an international fan base, she has featured in Vogue and

Minori attended the Street Fashion Europe event Enchanted in London in April 2014, where she demonstrated her make-up application on stage. She has featured in several YouTube videos talking about her unique style and sharing her techniques.

Unlike many Tokyo style icons, Minori grew up in the countryside, and admired the beauty of nature since she was small, from the patterns on leaves, to the shapes of flowers, to the grooves of the tree bark. This has inspired her to combine aspects of nature with Shironuri fashion and illustration.

Minori has set up nature themed photoshoots, which some have suggested look morbid, melancholic or ghost-like. However, in an interview for ibtimes, she explains, “In many cultures, white can signify 'light'. In the Japanese Shintō religion, it is a very significant colour. Holy robes and many things on the alters are all white. To us, white is a holy colour that represents God," she says."On the other hand, white can symbolise a state of nothingness, of emptiness and vacancy. Humans are also a part of nature. To remember this, we have to go back, to return there."


As well as her nature-themed outfits and photoshoots, she has created a character design brand, "Petite white cabbage butterfly girl". The concept is similar to Cicely Mary Barker's Flower Fairies  – a character for every flower. She has also illustrated horoscopes. There is something so wonderful about character collections that appeals to people – wanting to see and "collect" every character in a series perhaps, but I think it is something deeper than that, about being able to identify with a particular character and feel part of a whole, the idea that one of them holds a meaning for you.

Her illustration, just like her fashion style, has an otherwordly, fairy feeling, a sense of nature and of something just out of reach that you cannot grasp. What is most freeing about her work is that she does not box her art into one style, but explores different ideas, choosing the one that will best reflect her version of reality.

She has also turned her illustrations into fashion accessories. I love this idea! I have seen a couple of illustrators do this and it always makes me smile.

Minori's website // facebook // tumblr
Photographs by Teppei Takazawa © Minori and QUALIA JUNCTION


  1. I've recently looked into this style, will def be on my dream list of things to try out. She is a beautiful soul.